With over 15 years of KIOSK manufacturing experience with automated manufacturing facility, we can shorten KIOSK lead time with competitive cost.

Our experienced KIOSK hardware design engineers will work closely with you to produce KIOSK design drawing and specification for your review to finalize the product design with BOM detail specifications.


Below are the stages we take to ensure a successful custom kiosk production:

  • Stage 1: Gathering of RequirementsIn this stage the Powerkiosk team will meet with you to know the factors to consider for your very own custom kiosk. We consider the right dimensions of the kiosk, functions, brand and features. Our experts also review the appropriate hardware, size and other peripherals. The scope of work and design will be created at this stage.
  • Stage 2: Conceptual SketchesAt this stage drawings or sketches are made as the beginning point of your kiosk design. This lets the engineers and designers to make the concept and know the design theme. You can choose from multiple sketches then decide on which one will work best for you.
  • Stage 3: Computer RenderingAt stage 3, we start by making the wire frame then we use 3D CAD data of all the PCs, peripherals and monitors. The rendering we make is very much close to the real shape, scale and size you will see in your kiosk . The renderings will also include the logo, features, and colorsof the kiosk gathered at stage 1.
  • Stage 4: Mechanical EngineeringAt stage 4, we change the renderings and turn them into CAD files for later production. We commit to manufacturing a kiosk that is easy to build, maintain and service.
  • Stage 5: PrototypingAt stage 5, we produce the prototype or small batch of your kiosk for testing. This lets the intended end users and manufacturer to test it out fully and find any mistakes. Prototypes are also required if you want any certification from any agency like FCC or UL.
  • Stage 6: ProductionThis is the final stage where the production after the prototype happens. At this level more than 20 units of the prototype are built. We guarantee you that we are one of the few companies with the shortest lead time. We have the capability to deploy large volumes of kiosks.

PowerKiosk can be reached by phone from 0800 to 1800 EST at 212-997-2000
and via online chat support.