Services We are Committed

Powerkiosk is fully committed to providing 24×7 technical and customer support when you call in for hardware or technical assistance.

We are staffed with technical support representatives who can resolve problems quickly and give you timely resolutions. More than 80% of the issues or technical problems can be given resolutions over the phone.

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Just provide us the serial number found on the machine’s exterior and we can help you in every step of the way. Give us all the necessary information about the issue or problem at hand. We have a technical support team (tier 1 and tier 2) that can handle all issues from simple basic troubleshooting to the complex issues that require a visit from an on-site technician.

Support Level

Tier 1 / Level 1 Support

  • Initial responder and ticket or issue’s reference number creator
  • Identify new or existing case with call-in customer
  • Understand & document the issue
  • Duplicate the issue to determine software bug or problem specific to the client’s machine
  • May remote login to get further information or try to solve the issue
  • Resolves about 80 percent of the issues
  • May escalate to a designated level 2 technician

Tier 2 / Level 2 Support

  • Specialists with more experience and knowledge
  • Handles in-depth customer support level
  • Assists the level 1 support team
  • Validation and confirmation of all actions that have been done by the Tier 1 support
  • Investigation of issues that have been elevated for resolutions
  • Actions includes diagnostic testing, software repair and utilization of remote control tools to take over the kiosk
  • May perform a remote control to resolve complicated issues

On-Site Technician

Local technician to provide on-site support available in top 20 USA metropolitan areas.

  • Trained and professional local service technicians
  • Fast response time and repair
  • Same day support and diagnostics