Casino Loyalty Kiosks Get Free Quote

Casinos have recently seen a rise in self-serve gaming loyalty program kiosks. These kiosks maximize the casino’s revenue and decrease overhead expenses. It streamlines transactions in the casino like cashing in and cashing out, loyalty card check, events ticketing or sports booking.

There is a kiosk that provides convenience to all types of gaming clients and PowerKiosk can customize casino loyalty kiosk’s designs and features to serve specific requirements that are unique to a variety of casino and gaming businesses.

Casino Loyalty Kiosk benefits:

  • Convenience – This automated system lets guests check their points, get cash or add value points to their loyalty cards easily. This saves time which is valuable to any gaming customer.
  • Decreased Expenses – Casino loyalty kiosks help owners cut more costs by offering remote monitoring capabilities, maintaining the data integrity, fewer employees are needed to manually count tokens and money.
  • Increased ROI and profit – They can also promote their special offers and latest products via the kiosk. See profits increase with the loyalty programs as more players visit frequently to play more.
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