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There has been an increase in Governmental agencies utilizing automated solutions in their offices due to the shrinking federal budget. Many government agencies utilize Government Kiosk for the convenience of the public. Some of the popular government kiosks are:

Department of Motor Vehicles Kiosks

These kiosks automate the high demand for several functions that come with scheduling driver’s license tests, renewal of license, registering vehicles, license plate renewal, ordering duplicate titles and more. These DMV platforms have dramatically improved patronage, reduced backlog in transactions, decreased employee overhead costs and can generate various reports by category in a quick and efficient manner.

Department of Corrections Kiosks

This type of kiosk streamlines corrections services such as: managing prison bank accounts, purchases from the commissary, low profile parole checking in and requests for medical services and medicines. It decreases the amounts of funding needed for case workers and corrections employees and facilitates revenues, corrections’ market service and safety improvements.

University or School Kiosks

Government schools can now have automated financial aid information and filing, course catalogs, wayfinding, directories, registration, event calendars, validation of student ID’s and more all in one kiosk. It reduces overhead expenses and gives information to students with the convenience of accessing it anytime.

Travel & Tourism Kiosks

This kiosk automates routing information and schedules as well as token or ticket distribution which reduces staffing and transaction expenses. Other applications can include ticketing kiosk for tourist sites and information for the public.

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