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There are newer patient solutions in the market today with healthcare kiosks. It streamlines many services including insurance card scanners, biometric identification, payment transactions, privacy screens, and much more.

Hospitals have deployed patient kiosks in settings like ambulatory and emergency room departments. In the ambulatory department, the Healthcare kiosk is most commonly used for: checking in of the patient, wayfinding, co-payments collection and updating patient information. In the emergency room departments, kiosks are used by patients to sign in with the option to let the patient sign the consent forms via the kiosk and provide their caregivers with all the information they need.

Hospitals have implemented healthcare kiosks primarily to make the patient care experience better. It improves the organizations’ patient satisfaction because waiting time is highly reduced and patients can be guaranteed privacy and convenience. There are operational benefits as well such as: real time updating of demographic data of the patients and increasing patients’ input. This type of kiosk makes the check-in process quicker and more efficient.

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