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The hospitality industry has seen big cost savings by utilizing Hospitality kiosks while delivering excellent customer service and satisfaction by giving establishments the opportunity to connect with their guests and give them significant information they need. The kiosks can help automate and streamline activities such as: checking in and checking out, payment processing, wayfinding, giving maps of the hotel, dining and entertainment directories and parking information.

We offer customization of the software to suit any hospitality establishment’s requirements. Hospitality establishments can even create their own unique electronic concierge.

Many hospitality establishments have seen these benefits of Hospitality kiosks:

  • Decrease the need to stack paperwork
  • Notifications are done in real time
  • Reduces guests’ waiting time; if there are a limited number of receptionists, the kiosk can augment what the receptionists can do.
  • Reports can be generated quickly and easily
  • Not only can Hospitality kiosks be used in hotels but are also found in restaurants, cinemas, entertainment establishments, local destinations and cruise ships.

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