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Human resources kiosks provide the human resources department with several applications that improve their services extending to cost control, reduction of administration errors and costs and disconnected employees. Other features of the Human Resources kiosk are:

Employee Pay Record Access

Our human resources kiosk offer a self-service application and provides 24/7 access to important HR information such as: employee pay records, insurance information, job openings and more. It significantly reduces HR expenses and is convenient for employees.

Newly hired and existing employee training

The human resources kiosks can offer virtual assistance for training newly hired employees as well as existing employees that want to refresh their knowledge about certain aspects of the company. This can result in reduction in training costs.

Employee Hiring

Kiosks can virtually standardize the pre-screening process and applications, resulting in significantly lower processing costs and reducing the overhead expenses of the company. It accelerates the process of hiring and decreases the delays that may be experienced by the administration.

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