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Lead generation has been growing exponentially in the past few years. Organizations are recognizing that this type of kiosk can provide a great gateway for potential leads to be contacted by a customer service representative (CMO) with information already at hand.

Presenting potential customers with interactive information that will make them curious and want to learn more about the company’s services or products is better than the traditional paper, brochures and pamphlets because it is environmentally friendly and it offers a new and memorable experience. An interactive kiosk with a nice looking avatar and nicely done images of the products can make a lasting impression. You can even add some tutorials for a better customer experience. These kiosks can be entertaining and educational.

There are many features that can be added to your kiosk such as, facial recognition, webcams, demographics tracking, and promotional items like coupons, barcode readers and swipe cards. A vast amount of information can also be added to it to make it easy for potential customers to provide their contact information.

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