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Research shows a significant increase in the amount of kiosks being utilized in various markets including the Retail Market. Kiosks can be used to generate revenue while keeping costs low and business owners have found utilizing kiosk machines have a high ROI from implementing kiosks into their venue and in locations that are located off-site.

Businesses can provide excellent customer service to their customers by implementing kiosks to answer common questions and to complete transactions. The business saves on overhead costs by reducing the need for several employees from various departments all by utilizing kiosk. Considering simple or common transactions can be conducted via the kiosk machine, the customer service representatives can help customers that may need more assistance with their questions or transactions. A retail kiosk allows the business to offer more options to their customers such as: Gift Registry, purchase and print Gift Certificates with the option to email them, depending on the customization.

In addition to the business benefiting from utilizing customized retail kiosks, the customer can benefit. Customers typically appreciate the option to handle their transaction with minimal amount of assistance in order to speed up the transaction time. It is also a secure way to conduct transactions and more confidential. Customers like options and if you present them with an option that will allow them the benefits they’re looking for such as: quick, easy and secure way to conduct transactions that will give your business the competitive advantage that can lead to your revenue being where you want it to be this year.

Summary of Customized Retail Kiosk Benefits:

  • Can be customized
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • High ROI
  • Can be open 24/7
  • Make/update changes remotely
  • Generate reports quickly and easily remotely
  • Increases ROE (Return on Engagement) with customers
  • Handle transactions of various tender
  • Can be utilized to advertise or upsize orders
  • Various Security features through Biometrics

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