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Powerkiosk’s ticketing kiosk provides the convenience and ease of self-service for any kind of event, travel and more.

Powerkiosk’s ticketing kiosk provide the convenience and ease of self-service for any kind of transportation be it rail, ferry, plane, bus or cruise. The intuitive Powerkiosk ticketing kiosks lets customers buy tickets with different payment options and allows printing out of travel receipts, documents, itineraries and even maps.


  • Increase sales in tickets
  • Lessens congestion during peak traffic hours because it is self-service
  • Advanced system for check-in that supports ticket kiosks for airlines, airports, rail, bus, cruise and agencies for car rental
  • Less electricity consumption than the average PC
  • Extends the reach of your customer service
  • 24/7 operation for indoor and outdoor kiosk offering more convenience during off-hours
  • Accepts cash and credit card for faster transactions
  • Special promotions can be added and highlighted to create more revenue
  • Reduction in wait times
  • Lessens employees overhead

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PowerKiosk can be reached by phone from 0800 to 1800 EST at 212-997-2000
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